The Condo Maid - you get the finest maids Toronto has to offer... at the lowest rate. Our maids service Downtown condos only. That's all we do. We privilege ourselves on having the best available condo cleaning services in Toronto and offer fully guaranteed work.

  • WE CLEAN YOUR WAY - GUARANTEED! We start by listening to you to determine your cleaning needs. We take notes and create a checklist, which we continually update. If we don't clean what we agreed, we'll come back and clean it to your satisfaction.
  • OUR PEOPLE CARE The Condo Maid is dedicated to your satisfaction.
  • EXPERTS We know how to clean efficiently and effectively. We know the appropriate products to use on what surfaces, so that your floors, surfaces, and bathroom fixtures get cleaned, not damaged.
  • WE'RE MORE EFFICIENT With our team approach; we do a better job, yet take up less time in your condo.
  • WE USE THE BEST EQUIPMENT With The Condo Maid, you don't have to worry about wear and tear on your vacuum cleaners, mops, and brooms, because we use our own. Our vacuums don't just superficially clean - they are equipped with HEPA quality filters that remove allergy-inducing agents, including dust and animal dander, and we bring fresh cleaning cloths and mops to every home.
  • WE'RE ECO-FRIENDLY We use highly effective yet environmentally friendly cleaning products, so you never have to worry about dangerous chemicals causing harm to your family, pets, furnishings, or the eco-system.
  • NO WORRIES ABOUT DAMAGE OR THEFT We take 100% responsibility against damage to your condo, loss of any item and injury to our employees.
  • WE OFFER COMPLETE CONVENIENCE Our professionals come via car, so you don't have to worry about transportation. You don't even need to be home during your cleaning. If you entrust us with your home key, we use a secure lockbox system to safeguard the security of your home.