We are revolutionizing condo maid services in the GTA. We understand that life can keep you busy and time is precious so we created a service that addresses that fact. Ask for the hotel style cleaning. It is cost effective and addresses all the major issues regarding the cleanliness of your condominium. We will provide quality service, at the lowest price guaranteed.

The Condo Maid will work hard to ensure that all your cleaning needs are addressed so you can enjoy your condo without the added work. We do this by taking advantage of your geographic layout meaning the high number of units within a complex. In doing so, we are able to reduce the traveling cost associated with standard maid cleaning services and provide a much lower cost while providing outstanding services.

The Condo Maid packages start at $39.99 and are valid for up to 700 square Feet. Add $5 for every 100 square feet after 700. It's that simple!